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January 25th, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia


Negotiations for financing continue with four separate entities aimed at completing the amendment of our mining permit and resumption of operations for the Companies’ Dome Mine Property. 

Our ongoing negotiations include the procurement of a $2 million loan to meet and fund the requirements of the BC Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources (EMPR) for the permit amendment requirements, and addressing proposals regarding the possible sale of the Dome Mine. To date, no purchase proposals have resulted in any form of intent by either GMI or any other party. 

Until last week, the Companies’ had progressed well with negotiations with a Chinese headed firm to the point of a final Draft Agreement for the loan and a proposal to purchase the mine if the terms were acceptable to GMI shareholders. Last week, we were advised by the Chinese firm that they would not be able to proceed with the agreement with GMI due to the currency control issues by the Chinese Government due to the current North American/Chinese political issues. Negotiations are continuing with four other parties that are interested in the Dome Mine at this time. 

Gavin Mines raised $1,035,000 in 2017/2018 by sale of NSR units to fund the specific information requirements requested by EMPR to amend GMIs existing mining permit. These technical information requirements were carried out by Gavin Mines consulting experts and are as follows: 

- Updated Ground Control Management plan, provided by Golder Engineering, 

- Update to the Water Treatment Plant provided by Muddy River Technologies, with planned full scale onsite trial. 

- Updated Mine Reclamation & Closure Plan provided by Environmental Resource Consultants. 

- Plan for the installation of an underground mine rescue station. 

- Plan for the installation of an additional vent raise to surface as required to meet the new Health & Safety Standards. 

The required technical reports and implementation plans to carry out these required tasks have now been approved by EMPR. 

Upon securing the $2 Million funding, Gavin Mines will carry out the approved technical plans and prescribed tasks at the Dome Mine. Following satisfactorily completion of these tasks, EMPR will amend the mining permit allowing the Dome Mine to resume mining operations. 

The following provides the detailed breakdown of the required $2 Million funding: 

Gavin Mines Inc.

Dome Mine Startup Budget


Underground Rock Bolting (Cobra)


Advance Security Deposit Cobra Mining


Vent Raise (Cobra)


Muddy River Technologies Full Scale Site Test


ERM - Reclamation Closure Plan


Rescue Station Breathing Apparatus


Ore Storage Building




Mine Rescue Station


Government Application Fee




Reclamation Bond


Working Capital




Contingency (10%)




We are aware that the Shareholders and the companies that are presently under Agreement with GMI being the miller, the hauling company, the miners and the professional representatives are anxiously awaiting completion of a financing agreement, as is GMI. The Management of MMR and GMI takes this opportunity to thank you for your support and patience. We remain confident that the companies’ will secure adequate funding to move the project forward. 

Lloyd Tattersall

CEO, President and Director of Metal Mountain Resources Inc & Gavin Mines Inc.

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101 -3712 1st Avenue
PO Box 2080
Smithers, British Columbia
V0J 2N0 


For further information please contact:

Curtis Brazeau
VP of Communications
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