TORONTO, Nov. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wallbridge Mining Company Limited (TSX:WM(“Wallbridge” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that assay results from the ongoing 100,000-metre 2020 drilling program on its 100%-owned Fenelon Gold Property (“Fenelon” or the “Property”) continue to establish the high-grade core of the Tabasco-Cayenne shear system with good gold grades over widths consistently measured in the tens of metres. This high-grade core forms a central portion of the larger shear corridor which has so far been drilled over a strike length of 800 metres and a vertical depth of 1,000 metres.

Fenelon Gold System In-fill and Expansion Drilling

The results from drill hole FA-20-181 reported today, fill in a large drilling gap in the core of the Tabasco-Cayenne zones and provide a strong, wide intersection with a much higher “metal factor” (grade multiplied by width = 510-gram metres of gold) than the nearest drill holes 40 to 60 metres away (see Figs. 12 and 3):

FA-20-181 5.07 g/t Au (4.20 g/t Au Cut) over 100.6 metres, including
 6.32 g/t Au over 35.10 metreswhich further includes 16.26 g/t Au over 7.65 metres in the Tabasco Zone; and
 29.03 g/t Au (17.03 g/t Au Cut) over 7.30 metres in the Cayenne Zone

“This intersection lines up well with the interpreted plunge of the high-metal factor domain and along with similar previous intersections, such as 4.84 g/t Au over 56.00 metres in FA-20-128 and 4.06 g/t Au over 51.70 metres in FA-20-134. We are beginning to outline a large area of good gold grades over tens of metres of true thickness including several higher grade shear zones indicating good optionality for future underground production scenarios, stated Attila Péntek, Vice President Exploration of Wallbridge.

Before intercepting the Tabasco and Cayenne Zones the drill holes pass through the Area 51 vein network located immediately to the south of Tabasco-Cayenne. Highlight intersections from Area 51 veins in these holes are as follows:

FA-20-1812.69 g/t Au over 9.00 metres in the Titan Zone
 92.60 g/t Au over 1.00 metre in the Laika Zone, and
 1.33 g/t Au over 52.80 metres, including 6.87 g/t Au over 3.30 metres in the Andromeda Zone (see Figs. 2 and 4);
FA-20-18511.88 g/t Au over 3.00 metres in the Enterprise Zone (see Figs. 2 and 3);

In-fill and expansion drill results continue to define the Fenelon Gold System in preparation for a maiden resource estimate anticipated for the third quarter of 2021, whereas exploration results are demonstrating the connection of the Fenelon Gold System to the Sunday Lake Deformation Zone (Fig. 2).

Assay results of seven drill holes and wedge cuts of the Fenelon Gold System in-fill and expansion drilling are released today, representing a total of approximately 5,200 metres (Table 1).

Fenelon Exploration Drilling

Results of the initial exploration drill program testing the connection of the Fenelon Gold System to the Ripley-Reaper area and the Sunday Lake Deformation Zone are also released today, representing approximately 10,000 metres (Table 2).

Thus far, the initial 13 holes drilled, have demonstrated Area 51-style mineralization with visible gold-bearing quartz-sulfide veining hosted by the Jeremie Diorite and surrounding sedimentary rocks throughout the approximately 800 by 500 metre area tested and consist of wide, low-grade zones containing higher grade veins, such as 0.80 g/t Au over 22.90 metres (including 10.74 g/t Au over 0.75 metres and 16.74 g/t Au over 0.75 metresin FA-20-183, 0.65 g/t Au over 25.50 metres and 2.64 g/t Au over 6.00 metres in FA-20-187 and 1.56 g/t Au over 8.65 metres in FA-20-172 (see Fig 2).

Further drilling, especially at greater depth and along strike is required to test for higher grade Area 51-style mineralization and the potential extension of Tabasco-Cayenne-style high-grade shear zones into this large area between the currently known footprint of the Fenelon Gold System and the Sunday Lake Deformation Zone.

2020-2021 Drilling Program Update

To October 31, 2020, approximately 85,500 metres of the planned 100,000-metre 2020 drilling program have been completed at Fenelon. Currently, five of seven drill rigs are targeting the Fenelon Gold System (Tabasco-Cayenne-Area 51 mineralization), carrying out a combination of 50-100-metre step-outs and tighter-spaced in-fill drilling. Two drill rigs are actively exploring the connection of the Fenelon Gold System to the Ripley-Reaper area and the Sunday Lake Deformation Zone, as well as the extensions of the Tabasco-Cayenne corridor to the west.

Consideration has been given to increasing the scope and size of the 2020 and 2021 drilling programs to be able to fully assess the ultimate size potential of this rapidly growing gold system (see Wallbridge Press Release dated Oct 13, 2020). In 2021, the Company is planning to complete an approximately 150,000-metre drill program and working toward a maiden resource estimate at Fenelon, anticipated for the third quarter of 2021. Approximately 10-15% of the drilling program will be devoted to regional exploration on the Company’s district-scale, underexplored land package on the Detour-Fenelon Gold Trend.

Final assay results of 16 surface drill holes (FA-20-163, -164, -166-W1, -170, -172, -173, -174, -178, -179, -180, -182, -183, -184, -187, -189, and -194) and partial assay results of four surface drill holes (FA-20-176, -181, -184-W1 and -185) of the 2020 exploration drill program are reported in the Tables and s below. All figures and a table with drill hole information of recently completed holes are posted on the Company’s website under “Current Program” at

Figure 1. Fenelon Gold, Tabasco Long Section

Figure 2Fenelon Gold, Plan View

Figure 3Fenelon Gold, Cross Section 10050_E

Figure 4Fenelon Gold, Cross Section 10125_E

Figure 5Fenelon Gold, Cross Section 10200_E

Table 1. Wallbridge Fenelon Gold Property 2020 Drill Assay Highlights (1)
Drill HoleFromToLengthAuAu Cut(2)VG(3)Zone/CorridorSection
FA-20-164425.00428.003.002.552.55 Area 51- Orion Zone 2 and 310200
FA-20-164678.00684.006.001.361.36VGArea 51- Titan Zone 110200
Including…682.00684.002.002.672.67VGArea 51- Titan Zone 110200
FA-20-164827.50841.0013.501.961.96VGArea 51- Andromeda Zone 3
and 4
Including…832.00833.001.009.549.54VGArea 51- Andromeda Zone 410200
And…840.00841.001.0011.8011.80VGArea 51- Andromeda Zone 310200
FA-20-164992.00996.304.303.713.71VGArea 51- Enterprise Zone 3
and 4
Including…993.80994.350.5525.1025.10VGArea 51- Enterprise Zone 3
and 4
FA-20-1641036.901046.209.301.031.03 Tabasco10125
FA-20-1641111.101114.002.905.205.20 Cayenne10125
FA-20-166-W1No Significant Mineralization*
FA-20-176707.30711.854.552.522.52VGArea 51- Titan Zone 1 and
Laika Zone 3
FA-20-176918.00919.001.0029.6029.60VGArea 51- Andromeda Zone 1 and
Interstellar Zone 3
FA-20-181178.00187.009.002.692.69VGArea 51- Titan Zone 1 and 210125
Including…181.00182.501.506.856.85 Area 51- Titan Zone 1 and 210125
FA-20-181264.00265.001.0092.6092.60 Area 51- Laika Zone 210125
FA-20-181328.00380.8052.801.331.33 Area 51- Laika Zone 1 to
Andromeda Zone 3
Including…377.50380.803.306.876.87 Area 51- Andromeda Zone 310125
FA-20-181684.00684.500.5026.4026.40 Tabasco10050
FA-20-181816.15819.703.551.931.93 Tabasco10050
FA-20-184470.50472.001.503.603.60 Area 51- Andromeda Zone 1 and 210275
FA-20-184550.90556.505.601.871.87 Tabasco10275

Table 1. Wallbridge Fenelon Gold Property 2020 Drill Assay Highlights
Drill HoleFromToLengthAuAu Cut(2)VG(3)Zone/CorridorSection
FA-20-181816.15819.703.551.931.93 Tabasco10050
FA-20-184470.50472.001.503.603.60 Area 51- Andromeda Zone 1
and 2
FA-20-184550.90556.505.601.871.87 Tabasco10275
Including…554.05556.502.452.852.85 Tabasco10275
FA-20-184598.10599.901.804.314.31 Tabasco10275
Including…598.10598.850.756.806.80 Tabasco10275
FA-20-184635.00639.604.602.312.31 Tabasco10275
Including…635.00636.101.108.638.63 Tabasco10275
FA-20-184-W1403.05418.2015.151.061.06 Area 51- Andromeda Zone 2
and 3
FA-20-185632.50635.503.0011.8811.88 Area 51- Enterprise Zone 29975
Including…632.50634.001.5019.4219.42 Area 51- Enterprise Zone 29975
FA-20-185698.00704. Area 51- Enterprise Zone 1
and Milky Way Zone 3
FA-20-185728.00732.004.002.412.41 Tabasco9975
FA-20-185742.80748.505.701.391.39 Tabasco9975
FA-20-185755.50760.054.551.601.60 Tabasco9975
FA-20-185783.30793.109.801.661.66 Tabasco9975
Including…784.50785.551.055.405.40 Tabasco9975

Table 2. Wallbridge Fenelon Gold Property (Newly acquired portion) 2020 Drill Assay Highlights 
Drill HoleFromToLengthAuAu Cut(2)VG(3)Zone/CorridorSection
FA-20-163431.45432.801.354.244.24 Area 51 South Extension10725
FA-20-170438.60441.002.402.222.22 Ripley Zone10725
FA-20-170676.00684.508.500.790.79VG Ripley Zone10725
FA-20-172346.70347.500.806.136.13 Area 51 South Extension10900
FA-20-172384.30386.001.705.265.26VGArea 51 South Extension10900
FA-20-172438.00446.658.651.561.56VGArea 51 South Extension10900
Including…438.00440.902.903.723.72 Area 51 South Extension10900

Table 2. Wallbridge Fenelon Gold Property (Newly acquired portion) 2020 Drill Assay Highlights 
Drill HoleFromToLengthAuAu Cut(2)VG(3)Zone/CorridorSection
FA-20-172493.60495.001.402.192.19 Area 51 South Extension10900
FA-20-173No Significant Mineralization*
FA-20-174No Significant Mineralization*
FA-20-178416.50419.503.002.192.19 Area 51 South Extension10900
FA-20-178446.50449.002.501.611.61 Area 51 South Extension10900
FA-20-179No Significant Mineralization*
FA-20-180188.20189.951.754.154.15VGArea 51 South Extension9825
Including…189.20189.950.757.407.40 Area 51 South Extension9825
FA-20-180255.25256.000.757.177.17 Area 51 South Extension9825
FA-20-180586.10586.850.7516.6016.60VGArea 51 South Extension9825
FA-20-180659.00660.251.256.866.86 Area 51 South Extension9825
FA-20-182209.10216.707.600.670.67 Area 51 West Extension 
Including…209.10211.051.951.521.52 Area 51 West Extension 
FA-20-183339.40362.3022.900.800.80 VGArea 51 South Extension9750
Including…339.40340.150.7510.7410.74VG Area 51 South Extension9750
FA-20-183772.90773.600.7016.2316.23VGArea 51 South Extension9750
FA-20-187337.00362.5025.500.650.65 Area 51 South Extension10425
Including…337.00338.501.502.922.92 Area 51 South Extension10425
And…346.00349.003.001.511.51 Area 51 South Extension10425
FA-20-187400.00406.006.002.642.64 Area 51 South Extension10425
FA-20-187530.50532.001.504.824.82 Area 51 South Extension10425
FA-20-187622.00623.501.507.567.56 Area 51 South Extension10425
FA-20-187731.20731.700.5016.3016.30VGArea 51 South Extension10425
FA-20-189113.50115.001.503.073.07 Area 51 South Extension10425
FA-20-194No Significant Mineralization

*Metal factor of at least 5 g/t*m and minimum weighted average composite grade of 1 g/t Au.
(1) Table includes only assay results received since the latest press release on Area 51 results dated Aug 13, 2020.
(2) Au cut at 140 g/t.
(3) Intervals containing visible gold ("VG").

Note: True widths are estimated to be 50-80% of the reported core length intervals.

Assay QA/QC and Qualified Persons

Drill core samples from the ongoing drill program at Fenelon are cut and bagged either on site or by contractors and transported to either SGS Canada Inc. or ALS Canada Ltd. for analysis. Samples, along with standards, blanks and duplicates included for quality assurance and quality control, were prepared and analyzed at SGS Canada Inc. or ALS Canada Ltd. laboratories. Samples are crushed to 90% or 95% less than 2mm. A 1kg riffle split is pulverized to >95% passing 106 microns or 85% passing 75 microns. 50g samples are analyzed by fire assay and AAS. At SGS, samples >10g/t Au are automatically analyzed by fire assay with gravimetric finish or screen metallic analysis. To test for coarse free gold and for additional quality assurance and quality control, Wallbridge requests screen metallic analysis for samples containing visible gold. These and future assay results may vary from time to time due to re-analysis for quality assurance and quality control.

The Qualified Person responsible for the technical content of this press release is Evan Slater, P.Geo., M.Sc., Senior Project Geologist of Wallbridge.

About Wallbridge Mining

Wallbridge is currently advancing the exploration and development of its 100%-owned Fenelon Gold property, which is located along the Detour-Fenelon Gold Trend, an emerging gold belt in northwestern Québec. The Company is currently completing its 100,000-metre exploration drill program in 2020 and has plans for a fully-funded +150,000-metre drill program, as well as the commencement of a 10,000-metre underground development program in 2021.

The recent acquisition of Balmoral Resources has secured for Wallbridge a buffer of several kilometres surrounding its rapidly expanding Fenelon discovery providing room for growth, as well as future mine development flexibility. This acquisition has also significantly expanded Wallbridge's land holdings in Québec along the Detour-Fenelon Gold Trend (from 10.5 km2 to over 900.0 km2), improving Wallbridge's potential for further discoveries for over 90-kilometre strike in this under-explored belt.

Wallbridge is also the operator of, and a shareholder in, Lonmin Canada Inc., a privately-held company with a large portfolio of nickel, copper, and platinum-group metals (PGM) projects in Ontario's Sudbury Basin.

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