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Glencore plc.: Raglan Mine to gradually resume mining operations

LAVAL, QCJune 16, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ - Raglan Mine, a Glencore company, has announced the gradual resumption of certain operations at its mine beginning June 17, in the context of the strike called by the United Steelworkers Union, Local 9449 on May 27.

Operations will be carried out by professional staff and contractors who were already performing similar work prior to the dispute, in accordance with the provisions of the Quebec Labour Code.

Authorized personnel will gradually return to the site to perform tasks related to infrastructure maintenance (roads, water management systems, heating, etc.) as well as increasing the ore reserve at the surface. The concentrator is not currently in operation and the level of mining activity at the site will remain significantly below normal. Ensuring Raglan Mine's health and safety standards are met will remain the priority during this resumption of activities.

"In addition to facilitating the rapid resumption of full operations once a new agreement is signed, this return will also enable us to uphold our agreement with our Inuit partners," said Pierre Barrette, Vice President of Raglan Mine.

Raglan Mine upholds its commitment to Nunavik communities

Signed in 1995, the Raglan Agreement provides for the employment of workers from Nunavik communities and ensures that Inuit directly benefit from the socio-economic advantages of mining operations. The precedence of the Raglan Agreement over any other arrangement is recognized in the collective agreement between the company and the union.

Many of the subcontracting companies that work at Raglan Mine are owned by the Inuit communities of the region. They contribute to the economic and social development of the Far North. Within the context of severe labour shortages, ensuring the retention of employees working for local contractors is a priority for the company.

Resuming certain operations at Raglan Mine also makes it possible to preserve a portion of the royalties paid by contractors to the Inuit communities.

Impasse in negotiations

Raglan Mine has once again reiterated to the mediator appointed by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity its willingness to return to the negotiating table, without a favourable response from the union.

"We are disappointed that we have come to an impasse in negotiations. We hope to resume discussions quickly in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement," added Mr. Barrette.

Until a new collective agreement is ratified, Glencore's Integrated Nickel Operations will utilize alternative concentrate supplies to maintain its nickel processing operations at the Sudbury smelter at full capacity.

Raglan Mine presented a first global offer to its employees affiliated with the United Steelworkers Union, Local 9449 in early May. If ratified, it would place Raglan Mine workers among the highest paid in the industry.

Notes for Editors
Raglan Mine

Raglan Mine is part of the Glencore Group, one of the world's largest diversified natural resource companies. Its operations are located on the northern edge of Quebec. Its property stretches 70 kilometres from east to west, with a series of high-grade ore deposits scattered along its length, primarily nickel and copper.

With the establishment of the Raglan Agreement in 1995, a historic agreement with the Inuit communities of Nunavik, Raglan Mine is a pioneer in the industry. Raglan Mine employs more than 1,200 people, 20% of whom are from local Inuit communities. Raglan Mine is also an active participant in the economy of Nunavik and Quebec, contributing $690 million to Quebec's GDP, including $147 million from its suppliers. On average, more than 2,700 jobs are supported annually. Located far from any city, its network of suppliers extends to the four corners of Quebec, with 70% of its goods and services suppliers situated in the province.

Raglan Mine aspires to be a model company in the mining industry by promoting the development of its human resources, demonstrating fairness towards its multicultural workforce, and acting with respect for the communities and the environment. Raglan Mine is committed to a safe, productive, healthy, and stable work environment for years to come.


Glencore is one of the world's largest global diversified natural resource companies and a major producer and marketer of more than 60 responsibly-sourced commodities that advance everyday life. The Group's operations comprise around 150 mining and metallurgical sites and oil production assets.

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