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Wesdome Drilling Southeast of Kiena Mine Identifies Potential Bulk Tonnage Underground Target; Returning 2.3 G/T Gold Over 72 M Core Length

TORONTO, May 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. (TSX: WDO) (“Wesdome” or the “Company”) today announces surface exploration drilling results from the Shawkey and Dubuisson zones located east of the Kiena Mine at the Company’s 100% owned Kiena Mine Complex in Val d'Or, Quebec.

Since 2021, surface exploration at Kiena has been ramping up with the initial focus on exploration targets proximal to the Kiena Mine. Initially, these drilling programs have been completed along strike (Shawkey zones) or east (Dubuisson zones) from the Kiena mine within the prospective Jacola Formation in order to discover gold-rich zones that could provide additional feed for the Kiena mill. Most recently, surface drilling 2-3 kilometres southeast of the Kiena mine has identified wide zones of low grade gold mineralization potentially amenable to bulk tonnage underground mining  similar to other operations in the region (see Figure 1).

Shawkey Zone

Initial surface drilling completed along strike and deeper than the previously mined Shawkey 10 zone (Old Shawkey mine on Figure 2), intersected wide zones of alteration and mineralization with one hole (S-21-831) returning 2.3 g/t Au over 72.0 m within a diorite (Figure 2). Mineralization, which consists of disseminated pyrite with locally visible gold is associated with stockwork of white narrow quartz-carbonate and tourmaline veins with associated albite and sericite alteration cross-cutting diorite (Figure 3). The mineralization defines a large, low-grade zone defined by increased percentage of stockwork veins and gold grades rather than by individual veins and shear zones. Notably, this style of mineralization and alteration, hosted in diorite, is different from the Kiena Mine further to the west.

The diorite hosted gold mineralization at Shawkey has been extended to 200 metres up dip and along strike (holes S-21-823 and S-22-852) and remains open along strike to the north-west as well as down dip. Highlights of the recent drilling northwest to the Shawkey 10 Zone are listed below and are summarized in Table 1.

  • Hole S-21-831: 2.3 g/t over 72.0 m core length (2.1 g/t Au capped*)
  • Hole S-21-823: 2.3 g/t Au over 29.4 m core length (2.1 g/t Au capped*)
  • Hole S-21-852: 3.0 g/t Au over 20.1 m core length (3.0 g/t Au capped*)

* All assays capped at 35 g/t. Au. True width cannot be estimated at this stage of the exploration program as the exploration model is not updated for Shawkey.

Dubuisson Zone

Recent drilling and updating 3D modelling of the Dubuisson Zone has confirmed that the mineralization occurs along shear zones (DUB Zone 1, 2 and 3) and at their intersections. Shear zones are mainly located at the contact between diorite and ultramafic rocks or crosscut diorite. Mineralization is characterized by disseminated pyrite (traces to 7%) with visible gold occurring locally in quartz-carbonate and tourmaline veins (stockwork). Albite and chlorite alteration occur in veins selvages (Figure 4).

Highlights of the recent drilling at Dubuisson Zone are listed below and are summarized in Table 2.

  • Hole DB-22-001 (New Zone) : 5.0 g/t Au over 24.0 m core length (4.6 g/t Au capped*)
  • Hole DB-22-002 (DUB Zone 1): 5.0 g/t Au over 9.3 m core length (5.0 g/t Au capped*, 4.6 m true width)
  • Hole DB-22-003 (DUB Zone 2): 9.8 g/t over 25.2 m core length (9.8 g/t Au capped*, 17.2 m true width)
  • Hole DB-22-004 (DUB Zone 3): 11.4 g/t Au over 4.2 m core length (11.4 g/t Au capped*, 2.6 m true width)

* All assays capped at 50 g/t Au. True widths are estimated based on 3D model construction. True width cannot be estimated at this stage of the exploration program for DB-22-001.

Warwick Morley-Jepson, Board Chair and Interim CEO commented, "We are pleased with the recent surface exploration results at Shawkey and Dubuisson zones which could potentially increase our resource base in areas adjacent to the mine. These zones present an opportunity to provide a second source of mill feed for the underutilized Kiena mill. Additionally, these zones remain open at depth and along strike and require further exploration. Both of these zones are proximal to the 33 level track drift development that extends over 3 kilometres east of the Kiena mine shaft towards the Dubuisson Zone. These results also continue to show the potential of discovering new zones elsewhere on the Kiena property with more exploration and improving our understanding of the geology.

Elsewhere at the Kiena mine, the Company is following up on multiple initial discoveries made last year, including the south limb of the A Zone and several adjacent hanging wall zones which remain outside the current mineral reserves. Further, the excavation of an exploration ramp from surface to access the near-surface Presqu’ile Zone is expected to proceed in H2 2023 after the required permits are secured.

These exploration results, combined with strong execution of the ramp development to Kiena Deep, pave the way for increased production growth in 2024 and beyond."


The technical and geoscientific content of this release has been compiled and reviewed by Denys Vermette, P. Geo., (OGQ #564) Exploration Manager of the Company, and a "Qualified Persons" as defined in National Instrument 43-101 -Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.

Analytical work was performed by ALS Minerals of Val-d’Or (Quebec), a certified commercial laboratory (Accredited Lab #689). Sample preparation was completed at ALS Minerals in Lachine (Quebec). Assaying comprised fire assay methods with an atomic absorption finish. Any sample assaying >3 g/t Au was rerun by fire assay method with gravimetric finish, and any sample assaying >10 g/t Au was rerun with the metallic sieve method. In addition to laboratory internal duplicates, standards, and blanks, the geology department inserts blind duplicates, standards, and blanks into the sample stream at a frequency of one in twenty to monitor quality control.

Wesdome is a Canadian focused gold producer with two high grade underground assets, the Eagle River mine in Ontario and the recently commissioned Kiena mine in Quebec. The Company also retains meaningful exposure to the Moss Lake gold deposit in Ontario through its equity position in Goldshore Resources Inc. The Company’s primary goal is to responsibly leverage this operating platform and high-quality brownfield and greenfield exploration pipeline to build Canada’s next intermediate gold producer. Wesdome trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “WDO,” with a secondary listing on the OTCQX under the symbol “WDOFF.”

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This news release contains “forward-looking information” which may include, but is not limited to, statements with respect to the benefits of achieving commercial production at Kiena, the Company’s expected capital expenditure in 2023, the timing around reaching the Kiena Deep A Zone, the Company’s ability to be cash flow positive and its annual production run rate. Often, but not always, forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of words such as “plans”, “expects”, “is expected”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates”, or “believes” or variations (including negative variations) of such words and phrases, or state that certain actions, events or results “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” be taken, occur or be achieved. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements contained herein are made as of the date of this press release and the Company disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise. There can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances, management’s estimates or opinions should change, except as required by securities legislation. Accordingly, the reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.

Table 1: Kiena Complex Surface Drilling Assay and Composite Results for Shawkey Zone


0.5 gt over 3m
HoleSectorFromToCore lengthGrade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au) 
S-21-822Zone 10316.5325.59.001.511.51 
S-21-823Zone 10348.637829.402.272.09 
S-21-831Zone 1040247472.002.322.07 
S-21-837Zone 10419432.513.500.570.57 
S-22-840Zone 10395.1407.2512.150.830.83 
S-22-842Zone 10344.8348.53.703.303.30 
S-22-852Zone 10330.5350.620.103.003.00 
S-22-853Zone 10339341.52.502.712.71 
Zone 10372.0380.98.901.611.61 
Zone 10389.0394.55.501.011.01 
Zone 10484.7487.52.802.922.92 
S-22-854Zone 10234.8242.57.701.741.74 
Zone 10379.53844.501.471.47 
S-22-855Zone 10469.8480.410.601.391.39 
Zone 10508.2515.37.102.342.34 


Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-21-822316.53181.51.251.25Zone 10
S-21-822318319. 10
S-21-822319.53211.50.640.64Zone 10
S-21-822321322. 10
S-21-822322.3323. 10
S-21-822323.23240.80.180.18Zone 10
S-21-822324325.51.56.516.51Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-21-823348.6350. 10
S-21-823350.1350.60.50.930.93Zone 10
S-21-823350.6351. 10
S-21-823351.1352. 10
S-21-823352.53541.50.980.98Zone 10
S-21-823354355. 10
S-21-823355.53571.50.010.01Zone 10
S-21-823357358. 10
S-21-823358.53601.500Zone 10
S-21-823360361.51.500Zone 10
S-21-823361.53631.500Zone 10
S-21-823363364. 10
S-21-823364.3365.81.51.811.81Zone 10
S-21-823365.83671.22.252.25Zone 10
S-21-823367367.50.50.680.68Zone 10
S-21-823367.5368.81.34.594.59Zone 10
S-21-823368.83701.20.490.49Zone 10
S-21-823370370.80.83.773.77Zone 10
S-21-823370.8372.11.32.462.46Zone 10
S-21-823372.1373. 10
S-21-823373.53751.50.010.01Zone 10
S-21-823375376. 10
S-21-823376.4377.30.940.835Zone 10
S-21-823377.33780.70.270.27Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-21-831402403.51.500Zone 10
S-21-831403.54051.500Zone 10
S-21-831405406. 10
S-21-831406.1406. 10
S-21-831406.9408.41.50.360.36Zone 10
S-21-831408.4409. 10
S-21-831409.6410.610.060.06Zone 10
S-21-831410.6411.91.349.135Zone 10
S-21-831411.9413. 10
S-21-831413.3414. 10
S-21-831414.6416. 10
S-21-831416.1417.61.500Zone 10
S-21-831417.6418.50.900Zone 10
S-21-831418.5419. 10
S-21-831419.6421. 10
S-21-831421.1422.110.040.04Zone 10
S-21-831422.1423. 10
S-21-831423.2424.51.300Zone 10
S-21-831424.54261.50.290.29Zone 10
S-21-831426426. 10
S-21-831426.6427. 10
S-21-831427.2427. 10
S-21-831427.9428. 10
S-21-831428.74301.30.020.02Zone 10
S-21-83143043110.150.15Zone 10
S-21-831431432. 10
S-21-831432.24330.82.232.23Zone 10
S-21-831433434.21.21.781.78Zone 10
S-21-831434.2435.212.132.13Zone 10
S-21-831435.2436.31.17.637.63Zone 10
S-21-831436.34370.70.560.56Zone 10
S-21-831437437.80.86.646.64Zone 10
S-21-831437.84391.21.331.33Zone 10
S-21-831439440. 10
S-21-831440.1441.110.030.03Zone 10
S-21-831441.1442. 10
S-21-831442.6443. 10
S-21-831443.5444. 10
S-21-831444.1444.60.50.450.45Zone 10
S-21-831444.6445. 10
S-21-831445.74471.30.030.03Zone 10
S-21-831447448. 10
S-21-831448.4449.51.13.923.92Zone 10
S-21-831449.54511.51.451.45Zone 10
S-21-83145145210.290.29Zone 10
S-21-83145245310.010.01Zone 10
S-21-831453454. 10
S-21-831454.24550.80.20.2Zone 10
S-21-831455455.50.55.965.96Zone 10
S-21-831455.5456. 10
S-21-831456.6457.610.70.7Zone 10
S-21-831457.6458.50.92.662.66Zone 10
S-21-831458.54601.58.068.06Zone 10
S-21-831460461.11.12.322.32Zone 10
S-21-831461.14620.91.981.98Zone 10
S-21-831462463.51.56.866.86Zone 10
S-21-831463.54651.51.781.78Zone 10
S-21-831465466.21.23.543.54Zone 10
S-21-831466.2467.212.572.57Zone 10
S-21-831467.24680.82.762.76Zone 10
S-21-831468468.80.81.841.84Zone 10
S-21-831468.8470.21.42.422.42Zone 10
S-21-831470.24710.82.252.25Zone 10
S-21-831471472. 10
S-21-831472.54741.51.21.2Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-837419420. 10
S-22-837420.2421.61.40.360.36Zone 10
S-22-837421.6423.11.50.590.59Zone 10
S-22-837423.1424. 10
S-22-837424.54261.50.430.43Zone 10
S-22-837426427. 10
S-22-837427.1428.110.280.28Zone 10
S-22-837428.1428. 10
S-22-837428.9430.11.20.440.44Zone 10
S-22-837430.1431.51.40.490.49Zone 10
S-22-837431.5432.511.041.04Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-840395.1396.115.645.64Zone 10
S-22-840396.1397.51.40.360.36Zone 10
S-22-840397.53991.50.080.08Zone 10
S-22-840399400. 10
S-22-840400.54021.50.010.01Zone 10
S-22-840402403. 10
S-22-840403.54051.50.010.01Zone 10
S-22-840405405. 10
S-22-840405.8407.251.452.422.42Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-842344.8345. 10
S-22-842345.33460.70.080.08Zone 10
S-22-842346347111.411.4Zone 10
S-22-842347348.51.50.420.42Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-852330.5331.5118.9518.95Zone 10
S-22-852331.5332. 10
S-22-852332.1332. 10
S-22-852332.7334. 10
S-22-852334.1335.110.010.01Zone 10
S-22-852335.1336. 10
S-22-852336.6337.611.381.38Zone 10
S-22-852337.63391.416.616.6Zone 10
S-22-852339340. 10
S-22-852340.3340.80.51.641.64Zone 10
S-22-852340.8341.810.260.26Zone 10
S-22-852341.8342.810.850.85Zone 10
S-22-852342.8343.810.510.51Zone 10
S-22-852343.83451.20.080.08Zone 10
S-22-852345346.31.31.561.56Zone 10
S-22-852346.33470.75.445.44Zone 10
S-22-852347348. 10
S-22-852348.2349.210.510.51Zone 10
S-22-852349.2349.80.60.350.35Zone 10
S-22-852349.8350.60.84.464.46Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-853339339.70.73.863.86Zone 10
S-22-853339.7340.91.20.440.44Zone 10
S-22-853340.9341.50.65.895.89Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-853372373. 10
S-22-853373.5374.510.080.08Zone 10
S-22-853374.53750.51.971.97Zone 10
S-22-853375375.60.60.720.72Zone 10
S-22-853375.6376.50.91.451.45Zone 10
S-22-853376.53781.500Zone 10
S-22-853378379100Zone 10
S-22-853379379. 10
S-22-853379.9380.919.659.65Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-85338939010.910.91Zone 10
S-22-853390391100Zone 10
S-22-85339139211.231.23Zone 10
S-22-85339239310.870.87Zone 10
S-22-853393394. 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-853484.7485.50.89.679.67Zone 10
S-22-853485.5486.510.420.42Zone 10
S-22-853486.5487.510.030.03Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-854234.82361.22.912.91Zone 10
S-22-854236237. 10
S-22-854237.3238.51.20.450.45Zone 10
S-22-854238.5239.40.90.490.49Zone 10
S-22-854239.4240.20.80.350.35Zone 10
S-22-854240.22410.80.350.35Zone 10
S-22-854241242.51.50.470.47Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-854379.5380.510.320.32Zone 10
S-22-854380.5381.515.785.78Zone 10
S-22-854381.5382.510.310.31Zone 10
S-22-854382.53841.50.130.13Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-855469.8471. 10
S-22-855471.14720.90.020.02Zone 10
S-22-855472472.50.59.619.61Zone 10
S-22-855472.54741.51.161.16Zone 10
S-22-855474475. 10
S-22-855475.5476.20.74.394.39Zone 10
S-22-855476.2477. 10
S-22-855477.5478. 10
S-22-855478.2479.41.20.320.32Zone 10
S-22-855479.4480.411.581.58Zone 10
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (35 g/t Au)Sector
S-22-855508.2509. 10
S-22-855509.4510.30.90.420.42Zone 10
S-22-855510.3511. 10
S-22-855511.2512.51.37.357.35Zone 10
S-22-855512.5513. 10
S-22-855513.9515.31.42.932.93Zone 10

Table 2: Kiena Complex Surface Drilling Assay and Composite Results for Dubuisson Zone


3 gt over 3m

Hole No.Name zoneFrom
Core length
true width
(g/t Au)
Cut grade
(50 g/t Au)

NEW AREA73.097.024.00 5.014.60 

NEW AREA159.3164.65.30 3.903.90 
NEW AREA175.3181.05.70 4.064.06 

NEW AREA72.375.73.40 4.124.12 
NEW AREA87.093.56.50 3.503.50 
DB-22-009NEW AREA452.3457.95.60 3.273.27 

NEW AREA28.747.018.30 5.445.44 
Incl.39.547.07.50 7.517.51 
NEW AREA68.775.66.90 4.544.54 


Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (50 g/t Au)Name zone
DB-22-001737411010NEW AREA
DB-22-001747510.170.17NEW AREA
DB-22-001757616.396.39NEW AREA
DB-22-0017677. AREA
DB-22-00177.3780.70.10.1NEW AREA
DB-22-0017879158.850NEW AREA
DB-22-001798011.981.98NEW AREA
DB-22-001808111.541.54NEW AREA
DB-22-0018182.051.051.961.96NEW AREA
DB-22-00182.05830.950.810.81NEW AREA
DB-22-001838411.621.62NEW AREA
DB-22-001848510.020.02NEW AREA
DB-22-0018586. AREA
DB-22-00186. AREA
DB-22-00187.688.615.895.89NEW AREA
DB-22-00188.6901.40.160.16NEW AREA
DB-22-001909112.942.94NEW AREA
DB-22-001919213.973.97NEW AREA
DB-22-001929313.013.01NEW AREA
DB-22-0019393.80.80.590.59NEW AREA
DB-22-00193.894.810.350.35NEW AREA
DB-22-00194.895.8100NEW AREA
DB-22-00195.8971.22.262.26NEW AREA
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (50 g/t Au)Name zone
Hole No.From (m)To (m)Core length (m)Grade (g/t Au)Cut grade (50 g/t Au)Name zone
DB-22-002159.3160.41.15.485.48NEW AREA
DB-22-002160.4161.416.526.52NEW AREA
DB-22-002161.4162.412.12.1NEW AREA
DB-22-002162.4163.414.734.73NEW AREA
DB-22-002163.4164. AREA
Hole No.